Borders is a zine that challenges the notion of physical borders and collective dreamscapes through the concept of psychogeography. What draws us, and generations before us, to wander through and develop specific places? Armed with a psychogeographical map of

Limerick City and a pin hole camera, I followed paths marked out by a set of dowsing rods and documented my journey. GPS co-ordinates indicate where pictures were taken, rooting a memory and image to a physical location.



This book was a college project where I was tasked to design a book using only Monotype fonts. Further, the book had to tie into the theme of 1980. So, this book looks at the issue of Yellow Face in Flash Gordon, released that year. Analysing the presence of yellowism in Hollywood and a nostalgia for camp racism in cult favourites, the aim of the book

is to encourage the reader to question that if a movie with a similar approach to race came out today, would it be as welcomed by fans and critics? And is it okay to look back at questionable movies with fondness, that contain themes we now understand to be completely inappropriate? Featured on The New Now and



MyVote is a mobile voting app aimed at young adults to cast their vote in public ballots from mobile devices. With an emphasis on security and accessibility, MyVote was designed to provide unbiased information and act as a trusted voting hub for Irelands generation of millennial voters.

The final solution was reached using Adobe Illustrator, XD, After Effects, and continuous user testing, A detailed case study of research and process is available on request. 



In lieu of the class of 2020 finishing out their degree from home, and further having their annual end of year show cancelled, myself and a small group of designers and fine artists came together to give our peers a chance to exhibit and sell their work online. Thus, Impromptu was born.

Impromptu was a lot of fun, as we designed the overall branding, copywriting and sale strategy. We also agreed to donate a percentage of all the proceeds that artists made to Doras Limerick, a direct provision charity that was calling for help at the time. View the project on Instagram.

Making Fashion Circular


Making Fashion Circular is an animated piece created for the annual RSA; Moving Images brief. This piece of design was made to accompany a clip of speech discussing the severity of the global impact fashion has on the environment.

I approached this animation with a mind to create something that tackles a heavy subject, while wanting to keep in mind the fatigue surrounding  fast fashion and how I could help bring more energy to the discussion. To do this, I created a piece of motion design that has a bright, stylized animation. This piece was made primarily using Illustrator and After Effects.

Queer Utopia


I was commissioned by Dublin magazine GCN to work with Ollie Bell, a Trans rights activist to visualize their idea of a Queer Utopia as part of an ongoing series for the magazine.

In Our Hands


In our hands was an issue of GCN magazine which focused on what steps businesses in Dublin are taking to be more green and less impactful on the environment. I created two illustrations, a cover and a feature page for the issue.

Girls, Girls, Girls


Girls, Girls, Girls was an article in the Think Kink issue of GCN magazine. For this issue, I created an illustration and title type for an interview featuring Irish queer cam girls.

Dad’s Homebrew


Custom wine labels designed for my fathers wine. The names on the labels are a reference to his address, and a gap has been left in the date to allow for the year it was brewed to be filled in.

Lady Walker’s


Lady Walker’s is a brand created for a packaging design project in college. Taking inspiration from the Saltee Islands, I used imagery of local birds and seascapes to create two craft beers that are aimed at creating a focus on the biodiversity and history of Kilmore Quay.